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TERP is a technology company founded in 2014. The company has developed technology which make books dynamic and interactive. Conventional books are static. By the time a book goes to print, many of the items and examples will be outdated. Even digital versions become outdated given the technological solutions used today. TERP offers a solution using a virtual library. When a customer purchase a textbook, it is added to a personal library, ready to be downloaded. If the book is corrected, a new version is automatically made available to the reader.

The virtual library provides the basis for dynamic and interactive books. Personal preferences are monitored through a variety of tests, and these are used as input in algorithms that generate textbooks tailored to the individual reader.

The main foucs of TERP is textbooks used in education. Some of these books also targets professionals. In addition, we have published a biography. More information about this book can be found under Entertainment.

TERP offers a selection of books targeting professionals working with risk.

Traditional textbooks are becoming obsolete the moment they are printed. TERP has developed a solution that makes it possible to update books even after they are purchased by the customer. The TERP technology also allows feedback on study progress to both students and teachers. However, the most unique feature in TERP books are the technology which uses input from preference tests to tailor the content to each individual reader.

Books no longer needs to be limited to just text and images. The first TERP book in the entertainment segment is the biography of Thor Hansen. It contains a series of video interviews integrated into the text. However, this is just a small sample of the TERP technology. We are working on new books in the entertainment segment which utilize more of our technology.